Be Part of the Myth!

Mytho Team Marathon 4x10km

Not able to train for the MYTHO MARATHON? Do you feel like taking a new challenge and facing it with friends? Then don't waste time: find 4 people, get your team together and start dreaming! You can compete with your lifelong friends, those from the gym or soccer, your colleagues, your brothers, your sisters, your cousins, because Mytho Team Marathon can be a family affair, a family challenge. Excitement is guaranteed, enthusiasm is multiplied by 4 because you will run with your teammates to win all together. About 10 km each: you can do it, right?


Running the Mytho Team Marathon is a great goal but feasible: unity is strength. You will follow your dreams in one of the most spectacular routes in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Starting from the centre of Cividale, you will move Eastwards to Sanguarzo by the Natisone river and back through the walls of the Longobard town. You will pass in front of the Archaeological Museum and the Cathedral to cross the wonderful Ponte del Diavolo (Devil's Bridge). You will head South and then back to Cividale del Friuli to hug your teammates!

A journey in the MYTHO MARATHON logo

We wanted a logo that would reflect the marvel of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and the feeling of running a legendary marathon.
The logo is evocative of the language of the Olympian gods: it has a profile that reflects the majestic mountains present in every view of the territory. At the same time, it witnesses the ups and downs experienced during a marathon: peaks of enthusiasm opposed to those moments when you think you cannot make it.
It is composed of different parts because this is the spirit of the marathon: a step after another, and one and one again, to the tree, to the end of the road...many fragments of competition that, one after another, compose a Mytho.
Y represents the three stages encountered one year after the other. Each piece of the Y has a different colour representing the town where the race takes place. Each year the Y will be dyed in the colour of the town that hosts Mytho Marathon to identify the event and honour the place that hosts it. And to honour those who will participate. In fact, if you properly look at it, the Y is a runner with his arms raised when he crosses the finish line.


Team building in the days of Covid 19 was mostly done online. After months of hiatus... MYTHO MARATHON offers a great opportunity for companies eager to get back on track!
MYTHO MARATHON in collaboration with the Hotel La' Di Moret (Udine) and EdoHub (Treviso) has developed a proposal for revamping business activities. We have introduced a package aimed at Team Building activities that will reach its peak with the participation in the MYTHO TEAM MARATHON: the 4x10km relay race that best embodies the team spirit!
An innovative idea, carefully designed by specialized partners, that combines corporate training (experiential workshops, one-to-one coaching) with emotional experiences. Any hints? The show cooking with BBQ, experiential menus, naturalistic and cultural visits. And as a grand finale... running the MYTHO TEAM MARATHON along the MYTHO MARATHON trail.
A tool designed for companies. Concrete models will be proposed to increase self-awareness and reveal innate talents. Strengthening motivation and belonging in the workplace is the key to a company's success.
Special attention is paid to corporate welfare policies. Today they allow forward-thinking companies to fully value their team of employees.

Using the theory of the "Four Colors of Personality", which has its roots in the studies of Hippocrates, Galen and Aristotle, it is possible to trace the human temperament to four primary colors - red, yellow, green and blue. To each of them correspond completely different gifts, qualities, perceptions of the world and communication styles. Managing to combine differences and direct them towards a common sense is not only the challenge of every entrepreneur committed to the future of his business, it is also the key to ensuring well-being and social progress.

Involve your employees in this special Team Building that ends with the great challenge of the MYTHO TEAM MARATHON!

For further information and reservations write to:

We are available to arrange tailor-made Team Building for revamping your business!


Eco Fvg certifies full compliance to the sustainable criteria of the initiative (including planning, organisation and implementation of the event). Eco Fvg sustainable certification has very precise cornerstones: resource efficiency, waste management, regional promotion and social responsibility. These targets are in line with the long-term climate mitigation strategy presented by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region with Arpa FVG in collaboration with the managers of the integrated waste system, responsible for collection and disposal at regional level.
The aim of the project is to establish a permanent working table to share expertise and resources so to guarantee an efficient coordination between all stakeholders involved in waste management. A second goal is to raise public awareness and promote virtuous behaviours to reduce consumption and facilitate separate waste collection.

The MYTHO Marathon team is working hard to achieve this important certification by improving resource management and limiting energy consumption as much as possible.

The main green activities planned by MYTHO Marathon are listed below:
-Electric kick scooters: provided by Ducati Urban E-Mobility; the Organising Committee will use them to make quick trips to the main areas of the route;
- Full electric cars: jury and assistance will use green cars to move along the racetrack;
-Green Corner: ecological islands located inside the Expo Village; organization's operators will help visitors to sort waste by raising people's awareness on how to separate waste and produce less rubbish;
- Reuse of the main facilities used for route indications, arrival arches, back podium and other visual instruments;
- Train Service: tourist packages will be available to take the Ferrovie Udine Cividale train that connects Udine and the marathon site. A very comfortable and necessary tool to avoid traffic and reduce energy consumption;
- Attention to materials: the official T-shirt of the event will be made of eco-friendly cotton, while invitations and communications to participants will be sent digitally;
- Volunteers: a group of forty people responsible for rubbish collection in the refreshment points.

The organising committee and the enterprises supporting this Marathon want to promote ever-great steps towards a more Nature-friendly future. This Earth hosts us and it is the only one we have.

Help us making our event greener and greener. We must commit ourselves today to ensure a possible and liveable future.