Dog Run

Mytho Dog Run is the new competition insert in the program of Mytho Running Festival!

The Dog Run is marked and offered as a health competition. There will be timekeeping, but no ranking. The fun of sporting with a man’s best friend should be all that counts in this competition.

The route

Coming soon pattern

walk or run with your pet

Do you and your pet love outdoor sports? Then you can't miss an exclusive event designed for you and your four-legged friend!

Save the date!

On Saturday 28 October at the Aquileia sports centre, in the context of the MYTHO Marathon, the first edition of the MYTHO Dog Run will be held, the six-legged race dedicated to man's most faithful friend. This is a non-competitive run of a few kilometres in which all four-legged friends accompanied by their pet parents can join in.

Take part in the marathon together with your pet and your pet lover friends: it will be an afternoon of celebration and fun not to be missed!