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06th OCT 2024

What is MYTHO Marathon?

This is your chance to enter the Olympus of Marathons, the only experience that will make you proud to say...I was there. But let’s keep our feet on the ground. MYTHO Marathon is the only marathon in an equally unique territory: Friuli Venezia Giulia. A road race over the traditional distance of 42.195 km with an original formula: 3 different marathons and a single goal. The aim is to complete them all and enter Mytho. Will you be among those who will be able to say: did I make it?
Only those who complete the 3 competitions will be eligible to be called MYTHO and wear (with pride) the special medal. This will be assembled year after year at the end of each marathon. A new and original design, like the marathon it represents. 
Every year MYTHO Marathon will be run in a different place: Grado (2024), Gorizia (2025), Nova Gorica (2026). Every year it will honour one of the three towns in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia.

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The route

Your Mytho run starts from the beach of Grado! In this iconic place you can admire the elegant Promenade, Ville Bianchi with their perfect Liberty style and with the historic Imperial gate, parallel to the avenue Regina Elena leading to the historic city center. From this place,  your journey begins along a spectacular 42.195 kilometre loop that will let you discover every corner of Grado including the majestic Basilica of Saint Eufemia in the heart of the historic city center and Porto Mandracchio the economic nerve centre of Grado since ancient times. Then you will the discover the marvellous Grado Lagoon, the countryside of Fiumicello and the nature of the Valle Cavannata Natural Reserve before returning again to the beach of Grado!

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Take part in all 3 MYTHO Marathon routes, and be part of the Myth

Take part in all three MYTHO Marathon routes, complete them and write your name in the MYTHO Marathon!

You will proudly wear the special medal assembled year after year at the end of each marathon and you will be able to see your name written here: in the Mytho Hall of Fame!

MYTHO Marathon is the only marathon in the world that allows you to enter the Olympus of Marathons, a race that will enable you to say: I MADE IT! AND YOU?



Already 60 runners have made MYTHO MARATHON history! The 60 senators who have completed the first 3 editions of the ONLY marathon in Friuli Venezia Giulia can now proudly show off the original MYTHO medal they have completed year after year and, above all, they can see their name included in the prestigious MYTHO HALL OF FAME certifying the achievement of this important milestone!



The Venetian charm of the old centre of Grado, an elegant seaside town, is seen in its narrow streets and little squares bordered by picturesque fishermen’s homes will host the fourth edition of the MYTHO Marathon. Grado was once part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and it was a favourite destination for the Habsburg aristocracy who visited the island from the 19th century onwards to partake in sea bathing and to enjoy the island’s excellent Sea Spa. Indeed, the spa is still known for its blend of health and beauty, the ideal place for regenerating and rejuvenating the mind and body.



In 2025, the MYTHO Marathon will move to Gorizia for an exciting cross-border marathon! To celebrate GO!2025 the project that bring to Nova Gorica and Gorizia the title of European Capital of Culture 2025, MYTHO will organize a special marathon route that will bring you to cross many time the borders between Italy and Slovenia following the claim GO! Borderless! On one side is Nova Gorica, built from scratch after World War II, once the dividing border between Italy and Slovenia was drawn. On the other is Gorizia, a cultural, administrative, and economic centre with an ancient history. GO! Borderless has a mission: to give voice to the combined heritage of a modernist city and a thousand-year-old city. To transcend their boundaries on a journey of reconciliation.


Nova Gorica

The Slovenian town of Nova Gorica will complete the new MYTHO Marathon routes in 2026! Following the project GO!2025 that bring to Nova Gorica and Gorizia the title of European Capital of Culture 2025, MYTHO will organize an exciting cross-border marathon that will start and arrive to Piazza Transalpina/Trg Evrope (Europe Square) the square that divides Italy and Slovenia. Europe Square is the image of the two cross-border towns as well as the symbol of European integration, powerfully renouncing any kind of separation.

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Facing a marathon such as the MYTHO Marathon is undoubtedly an important challenge, a goal that once crossed is capable of giving you great emotions, but where nothing should be left to chance. Remember that the main objective, even before the time, must be to finish it well, without pain or consequences, so don't leave anything to improvisation and follow our suggestions! Plan it, test yourself and enjoy it, these are the three key tips we give you to cope with the MYTHO Marathon or one of the side events scheduled for 6th October!

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