Team Marathon

Not able to train for the MYTHO MARATHON? Do you feel like taking a new challenge and facing it with friends? Then don't waste time: find 2, e or 4 people, get your team together and start dreaming! You can compete with your lifelong friends, those from the gym or soccer, your colleagues, your brothers, your sisters, your cousins, because Mytho Team Marathon can be a family affair, a family challenge.


Excitement is guaranteed, enthusiasm is multiplied by 2, 3 or 4 because you will run with your teammates to win all together. About 10 km each: you can do it, right?

The route


36 teams battled it out along the course of the second edition of the Mytho Team Marathon. Along the home roads, the Gruppo Podistico Livenza was the master, taking the first two places in the ranking in the relay race. The I COMPETITIVI team consisting of Fabio Nadin, Massimiliano Zanchetta, Massimiliano Visca and Alex Bravin finished in 2:44:51, beating their teammates GP LIVENZA SACILE MM 55 by more than 4 minutes. Third place for ASSINDUSTRIA PADOVA 3, which among others fielded Ruggero Pertile, the 2006 Italian marathon champion.



23 teams took part in the first edition of the Mytho Team Marathon, the non-competitive relay race held along the entire marathon route. Leading the way were the home athletes of GS Natisone, who placed two of their relay teams in first and third place. Second place on the podium instead went to the Black Niu Team. Embellishing the team race were the two testimonials of the event, swimming star Massimiliano Rosolino, Sydney 2000 Olympian, and marathon runner Anna Incerti, European marathon champion in Barcelona 2010, who ran the first leg together.