Cividale del Friuli: Mytho Marathon 2021

Cividale del Friuli is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011 and it will host the first edition of the MYTHO Marathon. Seat of the first duchy estabilished by the Lombards in Italy in 568, Cividale is known as the starting point of the itinerary to discover the history of this population in the peninsula. The town preserves significant evidence of this period such as the Tempietto: one of the most extraordinary and mysterious early medieval Western architecture.

Cividale del Friuli

Founded by Giulio Cesare under the name of Forum Iulii - where the name Friuli cames from - in 568 BC, Cividale became seat of the first Lombard duchy in Italy and subsequently the residence of the patriarchs of Aquileia for severla centuries. The city preserves remarkable Lombard evidence, first of all the Tempietto (small temple), one of the most extraordinary and mystrious early medieval constructions in the western world. Other treasures are preserved at the tow town museums: the altar commissioned by duke Ratchis and the baptistery of patriarch Calixtus can be seen at the precious Christian Museum of the Cathedral, whereas the National Archaeologica Museum displays the grave goods of Cividale's Lombard necropolises.
This historic and artistic heritage was recognised by UNESCO in 2011, placing Cividale at the beginning of the Longobard route, an itinerary that allows the discovery of a series of outstanding treasures, even if they are not well known, right from the border with Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Villa de Claricini-Dornpacher

Villa de Claricini Dornpacher is situated in the outskirts of Bottenico, a small rural villaged immersed in the green amphitheatre of the hills surrounding Cividale del Friuli.
The building includes a large stately home, a grand courtyard with a well in front of the facade, a chapel, two "barchesse" (porticoed outubuildings), a garden and a park. Dating from mid 17th Century, the villa has an elongated architectural shape, which resembles the Friulan style manor house.
In teh centre of the roof there is a turret with a gable, and the tall Venetian chimneys confer grandeur to the building. Inside the villa on the two floors there is a vast central hall with two suites of rooms aligned laterally. The rooms, harmoniously furbhised, contain original forniture. They are open to the public from 030 to 12.30 from April to October inclusive, every first Sunday of the month.

Helicopter flight over three UNESCO sites

Have you ever flown in helicopter? This is your chance! You have three unique and exciting proposals at your disposal, both for athletes and companions. You will finally admire Friuli Venezia Gilia from another point of view! On Sunday the 31st of October you will have the chance to join a panoramic flight over Cividale del Friuli and the surrounding hills. You will also have the option of a flight over the starry city of Palmanova and the achaeological heritage of Aquileia.

Hot air balloon flight

This is unique and extraordinary experience to enjoy a breathtaking view of Friuli Venezia Giulia in total peacefulness. Don't miss the chance to try it at least once in your life!


The Natisone valleys are in the easternmost part of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, a true paradise for those who love wild nature. The package offers an exclusive stay with a wide range of trekking, mountain bike trails and excursions to discover the Natisone River Gorge. Ther will als be historical-artistic and faith-based visits to the Sanctuary of Castelmonte and the cave of San Giovanni d'Antro. All enriched by tastings of typical local products and D.O.C. wines from the Colly Orientali del Friuli.