Be Part of the Myth!

What is MYTHO Marathon?

This is your change to enter the Olympus of Marathons, the only experience that will make you proud to say...I was there. But let's keep our feet on the ground. MYTHO Marathon is the only marathon in an equally unique territory: Friuli Venezia Giulia. A road race over the traditional distance of 42.195 km with an original formula: 3 different marathons and a single goal. The aim is to complete them all and enter Mytho. Will you be among those who will be able to say: did I make it?
Only those who complete the 3 compettitions will be eligible to be called MYTHO and wear (with pride) the special medal. This will be assembled year after year at the end of each marathon. A new and original design, like the marathon it represents. This winter we will reveal how it will be composed.
Every year MYTHO Marathon will be run in a different place: Cividale del Friuli (2021), Aquileia (2022), Palmanova (2023). Every year it will honour one of the three towns in Friuli Venezia Giulia listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Your Mytho run starts from Cividale del Friuli, where you can enjoy a spectacular 21 km loop route that you will repeat twice to visit every corner of the Lombard town par excellence.
Cividale del Friuli is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011 and it will host the first edition of the MYTHO Marathon. Seat of the first duchy estabilished by the Lombards in Italy in 568, Cividale is known as the starting point of the itinerary to discover the history of this population in the peninsula. The town preserves significant evidence of this period such as the Tempietto: one of the most extraordinary and mysterious early medieval Western architecture.
In 2022, the MYTHO Marathon will move to Palmanova: a surprising nine-pointed star-shaped fortress town of Palmanova will crown the first runners who will partecipate in the MYTHO Marathon in 2023. Palmanova represents a model of an ideal Renaissance town and an example of military architecture. Visitors will be able to experience the evolution of the fortification science up to the modern age. Palmanova is part of the Utransnational site of Venetian defence architecture listed by UNESCO in 2017.
The famous Roman town of Aquileia will crown the first runners who will partecipate in the MYTHO Marathon in 2023. Aquileia was an important town of the Roman Empire and, years later, the main centre of the spreading of the Christianity in North-eastern Europe, becoming fmous for its majestic basilica. The importance of its archaeological area and the beauty of the floor mosaics it preservs allowed Aquileia to be included in the UNESCO sites in 1998.

A journey in the MYTHO MARATHON logo

We wanted a logo that would reflect the marvel of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and the feeling of running a legendary marathon.
The logo is evocative of the language of the Olympian gods: it has a profile that reflects the majestic mountains present in every view of the territory. At the same time, it witnesses the ups and downs experienced during a marathon: peaks of enthusiasm opposed to those moments when you think you cannot make it.
It is composed of different parts because this is the spirit of the marathon: a step after another, and one and one again, to the tree, to the end of the road...many fragments of competition that, one after another, compose a Mytho.
Y represents the three stages encountered one year after the other. Each piece of the Y has a different colour representing the town where the race takes place. Each year the Y will be dyed in the colour of the town that hosts Mytho Marathon to identify the event and honour the place that hosts it. And to honour those who will participate. In fact, if you properly look at it, the Y is a runner with his arms raised when he crosses the finish line.