Mytho in Rosa

Mytho in Rosa

Mytho in Rosa is a non-competitive race for women and accompanists. The aim of the event is to involve the female audience in the world of running and to raise funds for The “Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori” (“Italian League for the Fight against Tumors” - LILT). The Mytho in Rosa is open to all women and accompanists who want to put themselves to the test and who want to cover a beautiful route of about 7km without the anxiety of the ranking. The race starts and ends in the amazing park of Villa De Claricini Dornpacher, located in Bottenicco di Moimacco, a small rural village near Cividale del Friuli.

The track

A food court will be provided along the track and delicious refreshment will be offered at zero kilometres at the finish line. It will consist of delightful products made directly from the fields of Villa De Claricini Dornpacher. All you have to do is sign up, put on our fantastic pink t-shirt and run with us! You won't regret it!


Villa de Claricini Dornpacher is situated in the outskirts of Bottenicco, a small rural village immersed in the green amphitheatre of the hills surrounding Cividale del Friuli. The building includes a large stately home, a grand courtyard with a well in front of the facade, a chapel, two “barchesse” (por9coed outbuildings), a garden and a park. Dating from mid 17th Century, the villa has an elongated architectural shape, which resembles the Friulian style manor house. In the centre of the roof there is a turret with a gable, and the tall Venetian chimneys confer grandeur to the building. Inside the villa on the two floors there is a vast central hall with two suites of rooms aligned laterally. The rooms, harmoniously furnished, contain original furniture. They are open to the public from 9.30 to 12.30 from April to October inclusive, every first Sunday of the month.


The “Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori” (“Italian League for the Fight against Tumors” - LILT) is a National Public Institution of considerable importance, which was awarded the Gold Medal of Merit for Public Health. LILT has been operating for almost 100 years non-profit, throughout the country. Its specific aim is to fight cancer through the promotion of oncological prevention. It acts under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic, the supervision of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the control of the Court of Auditors. The purpose of LILT is to build a network of solidarity, safety and information around the oncological patient. LILT of Udine carries out voluntary work in the territory with the following primary commitments:
  • information, care and support
  • psychological help and support to families
  • rehabilitation assistance
  • information, training and health education in schools and workplaces
  • organization of educational meetings and prevention for Italians and foreigners
  • economic aids for the purchase of medical device
At the Centro Medico di Prevenzione e Ascolto “Nella Arteni” (“Nella Arteni” Medical Center for Prevention and Counseling) located at the LILT headquarters in via Francesco di Manzano 15 in Udine, the following specialist visits are carried out every year:
  • breast examination
  • dermatological examination
  • urological examination
  • maxillofacial surgery specialist examination
  • FOBT medical examination, search for occult blood in the faeces
All initiatives are free and reserved for regularly enrolled members. Joining LILT is a sure way to learn how to prevent cancer and how to fight it. All members are promptly informed about the outpatient activities scheduled annually.


Mytho in Rosa raises funds to support the activities of the LILT of Udine and is committed to honor the memory of the departed Dr. Piergiorgio Passone. Dr. Passone offered his commitment, enthusiasm and devotion to the Udine section of LILT. He played a decisive role in the development of the activities promoted by the organization.
Dr. Passone joined the board of directors aier 40 years of honorable service as a family doctor. He also served as Vice President, Board Member, volunteer physician and coordinator of the “Centro Medico di Prevenzione e Ascolto LILT UDINE” (Prevention and Counseling Medical Center) until the day of his sudden death in July 2016.
Dr. Passone always supported charitable and sports initiatives. For this reason, the organizers of the Mytho Marathon wanted to honor his memory by dedicating a race to him: the Mytho in Rosa!