Aquileia: Mytho Marathon 2023

The famous Roman town of Aquileia will crown the first runners who will partecipate in the MYTHO Marathon in 2023. Aquileia was an important town of the Roman Empire and, years later, the main centre of the spreading of the Christianity in North-eastern Europe, becoming fmous for its majestic basilica. The importance of its archaeological area and the beauty of the floor mosaics it preservs allowed Aquileia to be included in the UNESCO sites in 1998.


Aquileia, an important city of the Roman Empire and then the main centre for the diffusion of Christianity in Northern and Eastern Europe, represents an extraordinary opportunity to broaden knowledge, offering an unforgettable visiting experience.
It has been a UNESCO site since 1998 due to the importance of its archaeological area and the beauty of the floor mosaics thati t safeguards.
Among them, the largest and most well-known attraction is the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta, dating back to the fourth century. However, added to this are other precious mosaic remains from the Roman and early Christian ages, which make Aquileia a kind of capital of the Western Roma mosaic.


On the occasion of the Mytho Marathon, PromoturismoFVG provides the FVG MYTHO MARATHON CARD free of charge. This card will give you access to all guided tours and tastings in all three UNESCO cities. But that's not all! It will include a visit to Villa de Claricini, the FUC Udine-Cividale link and guided tours of Udine and Trieste. This integrated proposal will be modified in the following years according to the transfer of the Mytho Marathon headquarters.
FVG MYTHO MARATHON CARD is availale only to those who purchase the accommodation package. We rimend you that the package is sold only trhough the appointed travel agency (Yestour TO).
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Helicopter flight over three UNESCO sites

Have you ever flown in helicopter? This is your chance! You have three unique and exciting proposals at your disposal, both for athletes and companions. You will finally admire Friuli Venezia Gilia from another point of view! On Sunday the 31st of October you will have the chance to join a panoramic flight over Cividale del Friuli and the surrounding hills. You will also have the option of a flight over the starry city of Palmanova and the achaeological heritage of Aquileia.

Hot air balloon flight

This is unique and extraordinary experience to enjoy a breathtaking view of Friuli Venezia Giulia in total peacefulness. Don't miss the chance to try it at least once in your life!